Lemur Health

Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

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Lemur Health

The concept of Lemur Health was born from a television documentary showcasing the culture and behaviour of the lemur community working together for the good of the colony. Lemurs taking care of lemurs, unrelated to themselves, produced a safe, collaborative and highly successful group.

The fundamental aim of Lemur Health is to enhance your employees' physical and mental health through robust workplace interventions. Creating a healthy and people focused culture enhances wellbeing leading to better engagement and productivity for your business. The lemurs had it sussed already...

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Founder: Emma Persand BA (Hons) RGN NEBOSH NLP Certified

Emma is a qualified nurse and an experienced employee health and wellbeing professional, She works collaboratively with employees, managers, HR, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and occupational health practitioners in the NHS, corporate and safety critical industry to manage the wide remit of health at work.  

Emma's clinical health screening focuses on how lifestyle factors influence the risk of ill health and the subsequent impact this may have to the individual in and out of work. Her expertise in coaching for behavioural change combined with a knowledge of evidence based interventions and public health initiatives provides a preventive framework to reducing this risk.

The debilitating symptoms of stress whether personal or work related are becoming the biggest cause of absence and presenteeism in the UK today. Emma is skilled in the complex case management of work related stress and complies with Health and Safety Executive's 6 key areas of work design to manage and reduce the risk to the employee. She has written a policy and developed training packages for managers and employees to understand, prevent and manage stress in the workplace.

Emma manages women in the workplace suffering from the symptoms of the menopause and offers a wide range of services to both employer and employee. She is qualified to deliver group and individual sessions to manage hot flushes using a CBT framework approach.

Emma is passionate about her work and is happy to discuss health and wellbeing in your business.