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Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business Bringing Employee Health and Wellbeing to your Business

Increased Productivity


 There is a wealth of research linking happy and healthy staff with increased productivity. The Black Report  emphasised the link between employee health and wellbeing, economic prosperity, organisational performance and customer satisfaction. It makes good business sense to help employees look after themselves. (Source: Working for a Healthier Tomorrow 2000)

Reduced Sickness and Absence


High blood pressure is known as the silent killer as often there are no symptoms before a heart attack or stroke occurs. Heart, blood pressure and circulatory problems accounted for 3.1 million working days lost in 2016 (Source: Sickness absence in the labour market. OFNS 2017). 

Better Employee Engagement


Wellbeing initiatives help promote equality and diversity through inclusion and collaboration across all levels and geographical locations of an organisation. Focusing on the factors that matter and influence employee wellbeing enhances engagement with the business and key objectives 

Attracting and Retaining Talent


Success in today's competitive and challenging economic climate is showing that embedding health and wellbeing into the culture and corporate strategy is key to attracting and retaining good staff. A recent survey found 6 out of 10 employees including 70% of entry level graduates and executives valued happiness over salary. (Source: HRnews 2017)


Best Place to Work


Employee wellbeing interventions and social initiatives enhance a positive corporate image emphasising a healthy culture. 

‘Faith in the boss and an eye on the bigger picture — beyond simply turning a profit — are still the deciding factors for success in our roll call of the top employers’. (Source: The Times 100 UK’s Best Companies to Work For 2017)


Legal Compliance


To create an achieving, positive and innovative environment managers should be competent in the legal, moral and organisational requirements for managing stress in the workplace. Lack of managerial support is one of the main work factors contributing to the rise in work related stress and the associated business costs such as absenteeism, presenteeism, performance and productivity (Source: HSE, Work Related Stress 2017)