Benefits of a Focused Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Healthy Business

Leaders who make employee health and wellbeing a core business objective and demonstrate their own healthy behaviours can influence organisational perception and performance

Business Case

Healthy Employee

Healthy staff are more productive and engaged Looking after your employees enables the best talent to thrive benefitting your business and customers

Define your Strategy

Healthy Culture

Taking a proactive approach to supporting  and promoting wellbeing in the workplace can facilitate operational efficiency and champions your business as a great place to work


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Experts Working Together


No-one knows a business better than the people who run it and the employees who work there - the good and the bad bits. Lemur Health adopts a collaborative approach, working with Leaders, HR, health and safety personnnel and employees to address the overall risk factors that influence both health and business outcomes


With 25 years experience gained across the NHS, Corporate and Safety Critical Industries, Lemur Health provides an holistic understanding of the varied factors that impact employee safety, health and wellbeing. We facilitate bespoke wellbeing programmes or one off initiatives that are relevant to the needs of your workforce

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Best Practice

Employers have a legal obligation to protect employees from stress at work. Our bespoke management and employee training is designed using the Health and Safety Executive's 'Management Standards' approach to help your business comply with the law and tackle work related stress